Why you should use Dr. Stramler for your writing or marketing needs
His background is extraordinary. A former full-time university professor. A NASA contractor who spent 30 years doing breakthrough research and helping develop parts of the Space Station.
He has written various types of content since his teenage years. He is a traditionally published book author.
While at NASA, he wrote a wide variety of technical materials - white papers, procedures, product hardware and software requirements and documentation, research and accident reports, and others.
As a university professor, among his other duties, he wrote exam questions. You need to be very precise in wording the questions so there is no confusion in the students' minds as to what the question is asking for.
He has taken extensive professional training in the copywriting field - emails, sales letters, newsletters, web content, SEO, case studies, etc.
On the creative side, he writes novels and screenplays.
This combination and breadth of experience enables him to pull knowledge from many areas. Being able to integrate this knowledge makes him a very powerful - yes, extraordinary - writer who can deliver precisely what you need.

Exactly what is copywriting?
Copywriting is a multi-faceted process which involves that work to develop a number of possible marketing or informational products - blogs, web content, emails, videos, or various types of letters, papers, or reports.
Dr. Stramler typically uses a basic three step copywriting process.
1 - Developing informational and marketing concept(s) and ideas in collaboration with the client
2 - Determining which products are most suitable and putting those concepts and ideas into words and images
3 - Providing that content for distribution in one or more media forms. Those media may be the web/internet, TV, radio, and/or print.

How does Dr. Stramler work with you?
Each copywriting step shown above can involve multiple functions or operations.

Step 1: He works closely with you or a company representative to develop one or more concepts. This could include gaining an understanding of the item (such as how it is used) or service (what is involved). It might also include brainstorming, research into any competing products or services, or even improving your product(s) or service(s) in some way.

Step 2: He integrates and provides preliminary information to you or your company in one or more forms. That form may be a direct response piece, a case study, a white paper, a brochure, an email, improved web content, some combination of these, or whatever has been deemed most appropriate for your business. There will likely be some interim discussions with you or your company via drafts, depending on the complexity of the work.

Step 3: Dr. Stramler provides the final product(s) to you or your company for distribution.

There's obviously a charge for his services. How does that work?
Dr. Stramler charges a project rate, not an hourly fee. The rate depends on the project and is determined after a consultation with the client on the work to be performed.

Who owns the content he produces?
All writing work is done as a "work for hire". You, the client, retain all copyright and other rights to the content once the product(s) are paid for. Dr. Stramler does his work as a service for you. He will not use your material under his name. In rare cases, however, he may ask to use material written for you as part of his portfolio.

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