Marketing can be a tricky thing

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Originally published on Blogspot Sunday, August 2, 2015

When a company initiates a marketing campaign, it involves money, people, time, creativity, energy, and materials, among other things.
Obviously the company wants a positive effect. Sometimes, though, it can have mixed or even negative effects. The marketing may produce an effect it doesn't want.Sherwin Williams paint truck - final
While driving recently, I noticed a Sherwin Williams truck. A graphic on the roll-up door shows a paint can flowing over an image of the earth and words saying "cover the earth".
I'm sure their intent was to promote the use of Sherwin Williams paints around the world for houses, offices, apartments, etc.
The words below say: "Ask Sherwin Williams"
So I would ask them: Doesn't that in one sense also convey an image of pollution or environmental destruction? Do you really want to cover the earth with paint?
Maybe not the best idea for a marketing/advertising image?

What companies have you seen whose advertising has had negative effects?

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