You need the services Dr. Stramler offers

- Even though you may not realize it yet

For Business:                     For personal:

Get benefits and solutions to help your business stand out from and outdo your competition.

1) Add value to your business by writing, for example:

- an email or e-newsletter for your past, current, and potential future customers
- a white paper showing how your company found a solution to some problem
- a success story (case study) explaining how you dealt with and resolved a problem

2) Better promote your product(s) or service(s):

- develop video content
- write a press release or other traditional marketing material
- write a social media post

3) Improve your website content:

- position your site better with optimized content and/or a blog
- update or make your web content more appealing and informative
- fix spelling or grammatical errors you don't recognize

4) Make your brand stand out from others with, for example:

- your story (people remember you better and are more likely to buy with a good story)
- another interesting story (bring people to your site with good stories)
- a slogan, catch phrase, or tagline - maybe something like:
"The Ultimate Driving Machine"® did for BMW
"When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight"® did for FedEx
"It's Bo time"® does for Bojangles

5) Improve your company documentation, e.g. with:

- any technical writing
- product user manuals or operating procedures
- product descriptions


6) Do you have your own ideas of what you want but can't do them yourself?

- Let him do it for you. He customizes work to your needs.

Contact Dr. Stramler for whatever writing services you need.


For Personal

Dr. Stramler offers extraordinary personal writing services, too.

- your stories
- memoirs
- consulting
- ghostwriting
- creative writing
- editing and proofreading

Contact Dr. Stramler for whatever writing services you need.

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