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position on top of a mountainYou've heard the statement many times that the key elements in business are Location, Location, Location.  That one word is called out three times for emphasis and because each use covers a different area.

In real estate, where it's thought the term originated, it means a quality neighborhood, nearby shopping, hospitals, etc.

For other businesses, it may mean ready access to forms of transportation, certain material resources, lower taxes, etc.

Price is also a key element in business, but I've never heard anyone say Price, Price, Price.  In today's economy, however, with on-line shopping and discount stores, price seems to drive a lot of business.  Maybe saying Price once is enough?

With people going less often to brick and mortar stores, this location mantra becomes less important, except maybe in the real estate market or other certain businesses.

In this modern era, with the internet and other forms of marketing, there is a need for a new mantra.  It's

Position, Position, PositionTM

For example:
It's your position in search engines.
It's your position in the eyes, hearts, and minds of your customers or clients.
It's your brand position among competing brands.

Where does your company stand in relation to others in your industry?
Are you positioned High?  Middle?  Low?

In today's market, position is one of the most important factors in how successful your company will be.

A higher or better position gives you more
name recognition

Would you like to be positioned higher than you are?

When I was working at NASA, I knew the astronauts loved to look back at the beautiful earth from space.  Doing so was relaxing.  It gave them a break from their busy routines in whatever vehicle they were aboard.  It gave them a greater appreciation for our home planet.

However, there was a problem in building the International Space Station.

A large 20 inch diameter window in one of the structures called the Cupola was intended for earth viewing.  But the planned position was not well suited for that.  It would face the gray side of another Space Station structure.

I had a better idea/solution that I believed would work and took the initiative to get that window moved into a better position.  I proposed my solution to Space Station management.  They found the new position acceptable, and approved it.

As a result, the crews on Space Station have beautiful direct views of the earth as they pass overhead.  I show the view from inside the Space Station looking though the cupola on my website.  Others looking directly through the big window are on the NASA website.

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Jim Stramler

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